Artemia Cysts
Frozen Artemia
Supplemental Feeds
Enrichment Diets
Live Germ & Water Quality Stabilizer
Net And Netting Supplies
Water Filtration Bag
Omega Roots Series Blower
Omega Diesel Engine
Heating Tank Set
Temperature Controllers
Gas Heater
Electric Shrimp Net
Omega Paddle Wheel Aerator
Jet Aerator
Submersible Pump
Omega Aquaculture Machine
Ultraviolet Sterilizers
Test Kit
Frp Water Tank
Fiberglass Material
Filtration Equipment
General Aquaculture Equipments
PVC Pipes And Fittings
  About Us  

History of our company 
 Chuan Kuan Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1975 and has been dedicating its service for Aquaculture Industry ever since. For the past 30 years, Chuan Kuan provided service based on the mission of “Supplying with the most COMPETITIVE price, delivering product with the most CONSISTANT quality, and developing CONTINUOUS relationships with our customers. "With these missions in mind, Chuan Kuan provides services and full range of products with the concept of “Aquaculture Department Store" to fulfill the needs of our customers. Chuan Kuan is specialized in promoting and developing products for fish /shrimp culturing. As a 30 years old company, Chuan Kuan has distributed its product over SE Asia, Pacific Basin, Latin America , Australia/NZ , Africa, even North Europe. You may observe our products all over the world. Long term and continuous business dealings has let us developed a fair and stable relationship with our customers and business partners.
Vision of our company 
Our company believes that by preserving “win-win" business dealing is not just the foundation of developing continuous relationships, it is also the best way to provide Chuan Kuan the competitive edge in this business. In order to fulfill the needs of our customers, Chuan Kuan keeps searching for better and most updated products and related information to complete the contents of this catalogue. In this catalogue, we have specially selected over 1200 most common items pin-pointed the needs of customers in the Aquaculture business. Also in this version, we added and updated largely on artificial feed, bio-filtration matters, and pumps. In addition, we have prepared Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Spanish version for different language needs. Please contact it you need these different language copies. If you are unable to find the items you need on this catalogue, please contact us immediately, we will try our best to serve you.
Services we provides  
1.Trading of spawners, eggs, fries, fingerlings of fishes and prawns;
2.Trading of live fish, live prawn, chilled fish and chilled prawn;
3.Supply and assist in purchasing of aquaculture feed, material and equipments;
4.Development of high-density bio-filter system for fish fry;
5.Assistance in development, or joining venture project in aquaculture;
6.Aid in investment, emigration and technical co-operation in aquaculture in South East Asia and Australia;
7.Technical training and know-how transfer;
8.Provide assistance on design and essential helps in construction for hatcheries and farms;
9.Recommendation of technician;
10. Arrangement of aquaculture investigation trip and seminars.
 How to contact us?
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